How To Find Vin Number

how to check vehicle owner details online

How To Find Vin Number

Find out the details of any vehicle registered in India through How To Find Vin Number - The RTO Database brings you all the necessary registration details of any vehicle in a single place at a moments notice. Enter the vehicle registration number in the search box shown below. Instantly get details such as the Vehicle Registration State, the City and the Regional Transport Office (RTO) Address, Phone Number & Email.

RTO Vehicle Details

RC Status or the registration certificate is the official document issued by the RTO authority when someone buys a new vehicle and registers it with the RTO. RC is used to identify the owner of the vehicle and for records of vehicles sold and bought. Vehicle registration is mandatory if you purchase any vehicle. You need to carry your RC with you all the time when you drive, if you're caught with a car without a valid RC, you might attract a fine or imprisonment depending on the circumstances.

How to Find Vehicle Owner Details by Registration Number?

Did you know that you can Check Vehicle Owner Details By Registration Number Well, this service is particularly useful in situations where you need to verify ownership or gather essential information about a vehicle, such as its make, model, or year of manufacture. By entering a vehicle registration number, you can quickly check details related to its owner, ensuring transparency and accountability.

This process is made accessible through online databases and government initiatives, easing the process of identifying vehicle owners and their associated details. In this guide, well help you to check the vehicle owner details by registration number on the VAHAAN website, or through SMS.

Check vehicle owner details by number plate?

You can check the details of the car and bike owners with licence plates online from the Parivahan website under the VAHAN e-services portal. To check your vehicle registration details through VAHAN, you need a smartphone or computer with an internet connection. You have to follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Enter the Parivahan website.
  • Step 2: Select the Informational Services option on the page. Click on the Know Your Vehicle Details” option after you get a drop-down. You can also open the Vahan search page on the Parivahan website.
  • Step 3: Enter you email ID and your mobile number to create an account. If you already have an account, log in with your mobile number.
  • Step 4: On the next page, enter your vehicle number and captcha code and select the Vahan Search” option.
On the next page, you can see the information related to the car and the owner.

What vehicle owner details does VAHAN provide?

After completing the steps described in the above section, a new page will open. Below are the details available on the Parivahan website: Vehicle type, make, model, emission standards, fuel type.

  • RTO details
  • Owner's name (partial)
  • Vehicle registration date
  • Registration validity & status
  • Insurance validity
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC) Validity.
  • Validity date of MV (Motor Vehicle) Tax or Road Tax.
  • Status of hypothecation (whether the vehicle is financed)

Checking vehicle registration details through SMS

You can also get vehicle registration information via SMS/text. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Send an SMS to the following number: 7738299899
  • Make sure that the format of the SMS is as follows:

VAHAN Vehicle Registration Number

  • For example, to get the vehicle registration information for a vehicle with the registration number MH01AB1234, you would send the following SMS: VAHAN MH01AB1234

The vehicle registration information will be sent back to you in an SMS

Why is proper RC/Registration certificate of vehicle required?

After buying a new vehicle the first thing you have to do is RTO registration. Yes, the Motor Vehicles Act states that every motor vehicle needs to be registered with the respective RTO (Regional Transport Office) to comply with the rules and regulations. Registration certificate is an essential document for any type of vehicle or conveyance. You have to carry it with you whenever you drive, if any traffic police in India catches you without registration certificate it can be punishable. This is the document you will need while selling or buying any second hand vehicle.

Vehicle owner address by number plate

Do you want vehicle owner address for buy old vehicle, Vehicle owner information gives you useful data about the vehicle that can come in handy in case of road accidents and careless driving, before buying a second-hand vehicle or for law enforcement and investigative purposes. Vehicle details can also be important if you have lost your vehicle/vehicle related documents. You can find any vehicle details. Vehicle details are also important if your vehicle is stolen and you want to make a claim. Vehicle information is mandatory if you do not have valid documents. You can get any vehicle car/bike details online using this portal. Vehicle registration details, vehicle owner information, vehicle RTO information can be obtained from any state of India ie Maharashtra, Delhi, , Gujarat etc.

Why do we need to check RC status online?

Verification of vehicle RC (Registration Certificate) is an important step for many reasons, including ensuring compliance, validation and convenience of various aspects of vehicle ownership and operation. Here are the main reasons why it is important to check RC details:

Regulatory Compliance

Different areas may have specific rules regarding vehicle registration. Checking RC specifications ensures that the vehicle meets these regulations, including emission standards and safety requirements.

Service History

In case of buying a used vehicle, checking RC status online helps in understanding the service history. It provides information about any previous owners and the overall condition of the vehicle.

Legal Compliance

Vehicle RC verification ensures compliance with legal requirements. Driving a vehicle without a valid and updated RC can lead to legal consequences. Regular checks help maintain compliance with transportation rules.

Proof of Ownership

RC details serve as irrefutable proof of ownership. Checking RC details confirms the actual owner of the vehicle, which is important during transactions, resale or any legal matters related to ownership.

transaction facility

Whether you want to buy or sell a vehicle, online RC check is very important. This ensures that the details are aligned with the transaction, preventing any discrepancies in ownership records.

Insurance Verification

Insurance companies often require RC details during policy issuance or claim processing. Verifying the RC details of the car/bike ensures that the vehicle is shown correctly in the insurance document.

Recognition Status

The RC contains information about the validity period of the registration. Checking these details ensures that the vehicle's registration is up to date, thereby avoiding any issues related to expired registration.

avoid cheating

Verifying RC details helps in avoiding fraudulent activities related to vehicle ownership. This protects against instances where false or fraudulent documents may be submitted.

Government Compliance

Various government authorities may require certain RC details for administrative purposes. Ensuring that the RC is valid and updated helps comply with government requirements.

In short, checking RC details of a vehicle is a comprehensive practice that ensures legal compliance, simplifies transactions and provides transparency in vehicle ownership. This is an important step towards maintaining the integrity of the registration process and maintaining regulatory standards.