Electric Auto Rickshaw Price in India | Mahindra Zor Grand Price

Mahindra Zor Grand Price in Durgapur - Get Zor Grand On Road Price in 2024

Electric Auto Rickshaw Mahindra Zor Grand Price – New Delhi ranges between approximately ₹3.50 – ₹3.80 Lakh

Mahindra Zor Grand

Electric Auto Rickshaw Price in India | Mahindra Zor Grand Price

3 wheeler prices vary across states and cities as per local taxes and levies. Mahindra Zor Grand price in New Delhi ranges between approximately ₹3.50 – ₹3.80 Lakh.

Mahindra Zor Grand

Range 153
Battery Capacity 10.24
Charging Time 4 hours
Number of Tyre 3
Power 12 kW
GVW 998 kg


Max Power 12 kW
Fuel Type Electric
Max Torque 50
Top Speed 50
Gradeability (%) 11.5 %
Range 158
Battery Capacity 10.24
Product Type L5N (High Speed Goods Carrier)


Charging Time 4 hours


Overall Length (mm) 3426
Overall Width (mm) 1590
Overall Height (mm) 1755
Ground Clearance (mm) 180
Wheelbase (mm) 2200 mm
Length {mm (ft.)} 1931
Width {mm (ft.)} 1563

Transmission & Loading Capacity

Payload (Kgs) 400 Kgs
GVW / GCW (Kgs) 998 kg
Kerb Weight (Kgs) 474


A/C No
Cruise Control No
Navigation System No
Telematics No
Tiltable Steering No
Arm-rest No
Seat Type Standard
Driver Information Display Yes
Adjustable Driver Seat No
Seating Capacity D+1
Tubeless Tyres No
Hill Hold No

Enterior Image

Brakes & Suspension

Brakes Hydraulic Drum
Front Suspension Helical Spring & hydraulic shock absorber
Rear Suspension Rubber Spring & Hydraulic Damper
Parking Brakes Mechanical Lever Type

Body Option & Cabin Type

Chassis Type Chassis with Cabin
Body Option Customizable body
Cabin Type Day Cabin
Tiltable Cabin No


Number of Tyre 3


Chassis Yes
Battery(Volts) 48 V


Enterior Image

Mahindra Zor Grand is a popular cargo transportation-oriented electric three-wheeler designed to meet the diverse needs of urban logistics and last-mile delivery companies. Mahindra’s electric three-wheeler emerges as a pioneer, redefining the way operators navigate cities and challenging terrains.


Equipped with a powerful electric powertrain and robust drivetrain, Mahindra’s Zor Grand is an eco-friendly option for urban mobility challenges. Adopting efficient electric powertrains that reduce emissions and air pollution, the Zor Grand enhances the operational efficiency of businesses.


With a 400 kg rated payload, an efficient Lithium-Ion, 48V battery and a powerful electric motor, Mahindra’s Zor Grand is perfect for higher earnings and business growth. Additionally, the vehicle comes with comfort and convenience features such as an ergonomically designed driver cockpit and seat to enhance productivity.

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Apart from these, the vehicle also features a stylish and informative instrument panel, multiple driving modes and a telematics unit for advanced fleet management and driver productivity to drive profitability.


With a price tag starting from Rs. Goes up to Rs 3.50 lakh. 3.80 lakh (prices are quoted ex-showroom), Mahindra’s Zor Grand is an affordable yet highly advanced electric cargo three-wheeler in India.


Mahindra Zor Grand Performance:

Zor Grand is a highly efficient and powerful electric cargo three-wheeler that can handle challenging fleet operations with ease. Equipped with a powerful 48V lithium-ion battery pack with 10.24kWh battery capacity and a powerful electric motor, the vehicle is capable of producing 16hp and a high torque of 50Nm.


This highly efficient electric powertrain helps the Mahindra three-wheeler reach a top speed of 50 kmph for a real-world driving range of 100 km per full charge and faster turnaround time.

E Treo Zor Grand Dv+ at Rs 413661/piece | Mahindra Treo in New Delhi | ID: 2851522585797

Mahindra Zor Grand Variants:

Mahindra Xor Grand is a versatile and performance-oriented commercial vehicle in India. It is offered in several variants depending on the cargo body to meet a wide range of applications to help drive profitability for fleet owners, operators and delivery companies. The variants are DV, DV Plus and Pickup (PU).


The DV variant comes with a delivery box of 4 m3 ft, the DV Plus variant comes with a delivery box of 4.8 m3 ft and the Pickup variant comes with a 1828 mm loading tray.


Mahindra Zor Grand Features:

The Zor Grand, like most of Mahindra’s electric three-wheelers, is equipped with a number of features to improve business performance through driver productivity. It features a comfortable driver seat, a digital instrument cluster, a clutchless and gearless automatic transmission, a USB charging port and a reverse buzzer.


Mahindra Zor Grand Price in Durgapur - Get Zor Grand On Road Price in 2024

What is the price of Mahindra Xor Grand in New Delhi?

3 wheeler prices vary across states and cities as per local taxes and levies. Mahindra Zor Grand price in New Delhi ranges between approximately ₹3.50 – ₹3.80 Lakh.

What will be the monthly EMI for Mahindra Zor Grand?

The monthly EMI for any 3 wheeler is determined by several elements. It generally includes the purchase price, the down payment made and the total loan taken. Monthly EMI of Mahindra Zor Grand will be ₹6,770.00 at an annual interest rate of 10.5% for a tenure of 5 years and down payment will be ₹35,000.00.

What is the loading capacity of Mahindra Zor Grand?

Payload is essentially the maximum loading capacity of the 3 wheeler. Mahindra Zor Grand payload is 400 kg

What is the GVW of Mahindra Zor Grand?

GVW of a three-wheeler which includes the weight and payload of the vehicle. The GVW of Mahindra Zor Grand is 998 kg.

What is the body and chassis configuration of Mahindra Zor Grand?

Mahindra Zor Grand is available in box body option. The cabin type of Zor Grand is a Day Cabin and the chassis type is a Chassis with Cabin.

What is the wheelbase of Mahindra Zor Grand?

Wheelbase of Mahindra Zor Grand is 2200 mm

What is the gradeability of Mahindra Zor Grand?

Gradeability of a 3 wheeler is its ability to climb slopes. Trucks with good gradeability can be used to carry loads in hilly areas. Mahindra Zor Grand offers gradeability of 11.5%

What is the HP of Mahindra Zor Grand?

The power of Mahindra Zor Grand is 12 kW.


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