Range Rover Electric Car Price in India

Range Rover Electric Car Price in India

Join the Range Rover Electric waiting list for the opportunity to be among the first to place a pre-order in 2024. Where precision and craft meet curation, embrace near-silent, fully electric propulsion with zero tailpipe emissions and new levels of refinement.

Range Rover Electric Car Price in India ?

The automotive world is abuzz with anticipation as the Range Rover Electric prepares to make its grand entry into the market, setting the stage for an electrifying showdown with rivals such as the BMW iX and the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV.

Photo of Land Rover Range Rover Electric

With the electrification of vehicles becoming a significant trend in the automotive industry, the Range Rover Electric has already garnered attention from over 16,000 potential buyers globally, signalling a strong market interest ahead of its launch later this year.

Land Rover Range Rover Electric

Land Rover Range Rover Electric is expected to launch on May 2025 as an electric SUV car at an estimated price of Rs. 3.00 Crore in India.

This setup is not only expected to maintain but elevate the “go-anywhere” reputation of the Range Rover, claiming unmatched towing, wading, and all-terrain performance among luxury electric SUVs. Prototypes have been spotted undergoing rigorous testing in diverse climates, focusing on crucial aspects like battery durability and thermal performance.

What are the key specifications off Land Rover Range Rover Electric?

Land Rover Range Rover Electric will be a SUV available in automatic transmission & electric options.

Manufacturing and Competition

The electric Range Rover will roll off the production line at the Solihull plant, initially incorporating batteries from a third-party supplier. However, plans are in place to transition to battery packs produced in Tata’s new gigafactory in Somerset, aligning with the industry’s move towards self-sufficiency in electric vehicle components.

What is the launch date of Land Rover Range Rover Electric?

The estimated launch date of Land Rover Range Rover Electric is May 2025.

Performance and Capabilities

While the Range Rover officials have kept the performance specifics under wraps, it’s speculated that the electric variant will offer performance on par, if not superior, to the current V8 models. Predictions suggest it could boast upwards of 500bhp, thanks to a twin-motor setup that enhances its all-wheel-drive prowess.

There aren’t extensive revisions to the 2024 Evoque’s styling. The overall styling is still rounded, thanks to flared wheel arches and the curved nose. But the latter now incorporates the latest Range Rover grille design with the horizontal slats. The headlights are now slimmer and get new graphics for the DRLs.

The floating effect for the roofline is still one of the talking points for the Evoque. But the new addition here is the new wheel design with ‘diamond-turned’ finish. Flush door handles maintain the clean symmetry in profile as we move towards the rear which is nearly identical to the outgoing model. Only revision can be seen on the taillights which are now slimmer but still sport the same stretched U-shaped graphic.


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